Reasons for Breast Implant Revision

By Sheryl Pilcher on June 12, 2012

San Antonio Breast Implant RevisionBreast implant revision is corrective surgery for anyone who has had a previous breast implant surgery that did not meet their needs. The point of undergoing breast implant surgery in the first place is to gain confidence in one’s appearance. If your surgical results did not accomplish just that, or if the surgical results did not yield healthy breasts you feel comfortable with, you may be an ideal candidate for breast implant revision at our San Antonio practice.

Sheryl Pilcher, M.D., our trusted San Antonio plastic surgeon, has a successful track record of giving her patients the breasts they deserve and did not receive from a previous breast implant surgery. In her expert hands, patients can rest assured they will finally get the results they need.

Reasons for Breast Implant Revision

Reasons for breast implant revision vary from patient to patient at Dr. Pilcher's practice. Patients seeking breast implant revision typically have one or more of the following reasons in common:

  • Dissatisfaction with breast implant size
  • Dissatisfaction with breast implant shape
  • Dissatisfaction with breast implant placement
  • Ruptured breast implants
  • Deflated breast implants
  • Rippling of the breast implants
  • Capsular contracture
  • The need to switch from a saline to a silicone implant
  • Poor breast implant positioning below or above the muscle
  • Breast implant asymmetry
  • Simple desire to increase or decrease breast implant size

Whatever the reason behind pursuing breast implant revision is, the surgical patient deserves to feel happy, confident, and comfortable with their breasts in every way.

Candidates for Breast Implant Revision

As with any surgery, the ideal candidate for breast implant revision should have realistic expectations for surgery. The candidate must also be in good health, which is most critical. Other criteria include dissatisfaction with a prior breast implant surgery.

Because breast implant revision is often more complex than initial breast implant surgery, patients should turn to a highly skilled, qualified, and experienced surgeon, such as Dr. Pilcher.

The Breast Implant Revision Consultation

The consultation process is key to any San Antonio breast augmentation, and the case is no different with breast implant revision surgery. At our practice, Dr. Pilcher meets with patients during an initial consultation to listen to their needs, desires, and concerns. Assessing a patient’s aesthetic and health needs, as well as evaluating their general health, is also part of the consultation process for Dr. Pilcher. Familiarity with the patient coupled with her expertise and informed recommendations lead to the successful breast implant revisions he performs. 

If the surgeon determines the patient is indeed an ideal candidate for breast implant surgery, he will work to devise a unique surgical plan the patient agrees is in their best interest.

Contact Us

We at the practice of Sheryl Pilcher, M.D. look forward to treating you! If you have undergone a dissatisfactory breast implant surgery in the past or want to enhance the appearance of your breasts, please contact our office today to learn more about reasons for breast implant revision or to set up a consultation. You may be an ideal candidate for the procedure.

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