Common Side Effects After Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

By Sheryl Pilcher on March 30, 2013

Rhinoplasty Side EffectsIf you want to enhance your overall appearance, one of the best ways to go about this is rhinoplasty. Just a subtle change to the contour or size of the nose can alter the entire look of your face. That's why many people have been visiting our San Antonio plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation surgery.

That said, there are a few things that patients should know about after the surgery has been performed. By knowing the side effects that are common after a nose job, patients can be prepared for the recovery process and generally have a better post-surgical experience. Let's take a few moments to look into this issue right now.

Are side effects likely after rhinoplasty?

Side effects following rhinoplasty are generally common, but these are a natural part of the healing process. Side effects should not be confused with complications, however, which are generally rare so long as you follow our instructions for pre-operative and post-operative care. Following your surgery, you will visit our cosmetic surgery center in San Antonio a few times for follow-up visits. These will help ensure that you're healing properly.

Let's now look at some of the most common side effects after a nose job and how they can be addressed.

Nausea After Surgery

Right after surgery, patients sometimes experience sensations of dizziness or nausea. These are generally caused by the anesthetic and other medications that are administered prior to surgery. These sensations will lessen throughout the day as the anesthetic wears off.

Soreness After Surgery

Soreness is always common after a person undergoes surgery. The pain will generally lessen as recovery continues, and severe discomfort can be dealt with using recommended pain medications.

Bruising and Swelling After Surgery

Another common side effect as you heal will be bruising and swelling. The bruising will generally last about a week, though swelling of the nose can last a few months. This swelling will diminish with time, though we will be sure to monitor your healing progress after San Antonio facial plastic surgery during follow-up visits.

Numbness of the Nose After Surgery

Sensations of numbness and stiffness around the nose (especially the tip) are common after surgery. These will generally subside in the weeks ahead as you heal.

Sinusitis After Surgery

Sinusitis is a condition in which a patient's sinuses become inflamed. This can result in:

  • Temporary loss of the sense of smell
  • Production of an excessive amount of mucus
  • Changes in the sound of a person's voice

It's a common condition that our San Antonio cosmetic plastic surgeon often notices with patients. It can be easily managed through the use of antibiotics or other prescribed medications.

Hematoma After Surgery

A hematoma refers to blood that pools or wells under the skin. This is common after surgery and will generally go away with time much like swelling and bruising.

Scarring After Surgery

Scarring is a side effect with any surgery, though we should note that the scars following rhinoplasty are very small and generally hard to notice. You can reduce the chances of visible scarring by following our tips for pre-surgical care an post-surgical recovery.

Learn More About Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

For more information about rhinoplasty as well as your many other options for enhanced aesthetics and cosmetic rejuvenation, be sure to contact our San Antonio plastic surgery practice today. The entire team here is eager to meet you in person and help you achieve the best possible results regarding your aesthetic goals.

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