Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

By Sheryl Pilcher on February 22, 2017

A woman in a white top and shortsThe team at our San Antonio cosmetic plastic surgery center believes that patients who undergo any procedure should have a goo understanding of the recovery process. By known what to expect as they heal, patients can prepare themselves for recovery and have realistic expectations about outcomes and results.

Right now, we want to take a moment to consider what healing after breast reduction surgery is like. More detailed information will be provided during the consultation process.

How Much Time Should I Take Off From Work?

In most cases, breast reduction surgery patients will want to take two weeks off from work. This will allow patients enough to heal and dedicate themselves to resting. Keep in mind that once you return to work, you may not be able to return to all of your regular job duties. You may need to avoid strenuous physical activity such as heavy lifting and any actions that involve strain.

During your consultation, you'll be able to discuss which job duties may be off limits and for how long.

What to Expect Immediately After Surgery

Immediately after your breast reduction surgery, it's not uncommon to experience grogginess and drowsiness as part of the general anesthetic wearing off. Nausea is also a common issue after surgery. Patients will be driven home by a family member of loved one. When at home, patients should get ample rest with their back propped up with some pills. Lying down flat on your back, on your side, or on your stomach are strictly prohibited in the early stages of healing.

Common Side Effects After Breast Reduction

After undergoing breast reduction surgery, the following side effects are quite common:

  • Pain and Discomfort – Soreness, pain, and discomfort are all common issues after undergoing any surgery. It's most pronounced in the first few days. Proper rest and the use of recommended pain relievers can help keep the pain and discomfort under control.

  • Bruising – Bruising can be significant around the chest after breast reduction surgery. The major bruising should fade by the end of the first two weeks to three weeks. Some discoloration around the breast may persist for a few weeks after that.

  • Swelling – Swelling around the bests and chests is normal after breast reduction surgery. Major swelling typically fades by the end of a month, with some minor swelling persisting in the months after.

  • Changes in Breast and Nipple Sensitivity – Since incisions are made around the breast themselves, it's not uncommon for there to be issues with numbness and hypersensitivity around the breasts. These issues tend to resolve on their own in the weeks and months ahead.

Walk to Promote Circulation

While you will be instructed to avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks while you heal, it's important that you walk around at home to promote circulation. This will prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs, which avoids serious complications that can impact your general wellness.

A Word on Post-Surgical Scarring

Scars are a reality after any sort of surgery has been performed. While they may be noticeable early on, with time the scars will fade. Thanks to the way that breast reduction surgery is performed, the surgical scars will be concealed by most tops, bathing suits, and undergarments.

Learn More About Breast Reduction Surgery

For more information about breast reduction surgery and how it can enhance your appearance, be sure to contact our advanced cosmetic plastic surgery center today. Our team looks forward to your visit and discussing your treatment options in greater detail.

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