Plastic Surgery Procedures for Different Age Groups

By Sheryl Pilcher on September 06, 2017

A woman in a black dressPatients know that we tailor treatments to their needs at our San Antonio plastic surgery center. Part of this means understanding the realities of the aging process. The anti-aging and body contouring surgery needs of patients change during different stages of their life, and we always take that into account.

We'd like to consider how a patient's age may determine the types of plastic surgery procedures that they undergo.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery for Minors

While many people don't think of it, there are plastic surgery procedures that are performed on minors. Typically these surgeries have some sort of medical or important aesthetic purpose.

Reconstructive procedures can be performed to address a cleft palate or the effects of serious injuries, for example. Children teased due to large or prominent ears may benefit from ear pinning or otoplasty. Issues with breathing and respiratory health might be addressed through a rhinoplasty.

The ideal age for performing these procedures can vary, so it's important to discuss these matters with a plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgery During Your 20s

The twenties tends to be a time when patients undergo various cosmetic and elective procedures. A number of patients tend to undergo breast augmentation surgery at this time. As far as facial plastic surgery goes, popular procedures tend to be rhinoplasty and the use of facial implants to reshape the chin and cheeks. For problematic pockets of fat, some patients turn to liposuction to enhance their figure.

Throughout the twenties, a number of non-surgical skin care treatments can help improve the texture and glow of the skin.

Plastic Surgery During Your 30s

The first signs of aging typically show up during a person's thirties. In addition to the surgeries noted above, many patients consider procedures that help turn back the clock and address signs of aging.

Some people begin to consider brow lift or facelift surgery to help smooth away minor wrinkles, though the use of cosmetic injectables can also prove quite effective. If a person has experienced major weight loss, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and other body sculpting procedures may be ideal.

Plastic Surgery During Your 40s

Many people begin to experience the most common signs of aging by their forties. Small lines get bigger, minor lines can deepen, the skin of the face begins to slacken and sag, and certain parts of the body may begin to droop and requite a lift.

A number of patients in their forties undergo facial plastic surgery procedures or use cosmetic injectables to help them look years younger. Women who've experienced stretchmarks and other body contour issues related to pregnancy may undergo a full mommy makeover to achieve a tight and toned body. For drooping of the breasts, a breast lift or the use of breast implants may be just what's needed.

Plastic Surgery From Age 50 and Onward

As patients continue to age, a whole host of plastic surgery options become available to them. Blepharoplasty may be recommended for drooping upper eyelids or problems with the lower eyelids. A neck lift or lower face lift may also be considered to help address jowls and pronounced facial sagging.

In addition to surgical procedures, facials, wraps, peels, resurfacing, and other non-surgical techniques might be ideal for improving the health and appearance of a patient aging skin. There are many ways to keep people who feel young at heart looking their best.

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For more information about plastic surgery and whether or not certain procedures may be ideal for you, we encourage you to contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon today. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you receive optimal care.

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