Breast Implant Revision: Getting Smaller Implants

By Sheryl Pilcher on October 21, 2017

A woman covering her breastsBreast implant revision refers to a secondary and often corrective procedure that is performed after the initial breast augmentation. The procedure is meant to alter the previous cosmetic breast surgery and improve the patient's appearance of well-being in the process.

There are many different reasons why people undergo breast implant revision. The team at our our San Antonio plastic surgery center always accommodates the needs of the patient no matter what they are. We've noticed many patients have undergone revision surgery to remove breast implants that are too large, opting for smaller breast implants. Let's explore the issue below.

Problems with Breast Implants That Are Too Large

While getting large breast implants may seem like a good idea initially, they have some serious drawbacks to consider, particularly later in life. Some of these are as follows:

  • Large breast implants can make you feel self-conscious, becoming a distracting part of your appearance
  • Large breast implants may look too large or unnatural
  • Large breast implants can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain from the extra weight being carried
  • Large breast implants can make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly
  • Large breast implants can sag over time, leading to issues with drooping breasts

These and other factors tend to play a part in the decision to undergo revision surgery. By replacing your breast implants, you can improve your appearance as well as your quality of life.

The Benefits of Getting Smaller Implants

By getting smaller breast implants, patients often experience improved self-image and do not feel as self-conscious while wearing certain clothes. The reduction in breast implant size can make a big difference with regard to body pain, especially soreness in the lower back.

Potential Drawbacks of Revision for Smaller Implants

The only major drawbacks with a revision surgery are the same kinds of risks associated with any sort of breast enhancement procedure. Namely, there is a potential for infection as well as other complications that may require medical attention.

Picking the Right Implant Size

Once a patient has resolved to get smaller breast implants, they can work with their plastic surgeon to determine the right implant size. While going small can be good, it's important to avoid going too small if a patient wants to still maintain some of her body shape. We can work with the patient to determine the ideal implant to meet their aesthetic goals.

What to Expect During the Procedure

During a revision breast surgery, surgeons will do their best to work through any existing incision. This will help limit surgical scarring. This is not always an option depending on the nature of the initial surgery and the implant options selected for the revision procedure.

Once the original breast implant is carefully removed, the new implant can be placed and properly positioned. The recovery timeline and experience is similar to the initial breast augmentation procedure.

The Results of Revision Breast Implant Surgery

Patients who undergo a revision surgery to get smaller breast implants often report excellent results. They feel more comfortable with their appearance and the feel of their body, and notice reduced discomfort as well. In a number of cases, the revision surgery helps women achieve a more natural appearance.

Contact Accent Plastic Surgery, P.A.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation revision and your many options out there for breast enhancement, be sure to contact Accent Plastic Surgery, P.A. today. Our team is here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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