Breast Augmentation for Tubular Breasts

By Sheryl Pilcher on July 23, 2018

A woman by the window in a black slipAlso referred to as tuberous breasts, tubular breasts refer to breasts that appear misshapen and underdeveloped. Typically this is the result of contraction at the base of the breasts, causing the breast tissue to grow in an abnormal manner. When a woman has tubular breasts, it may lead to self-consciousness about her appearance and a reluctance to wear certain outfits.

Thankfully, women who have tubular breasts may be able to undergo breast augmentation at our San Antonio, TX practice as a corrective procedure. Let’s take a moment to consider what this condition involves and how breast implants may be just what’s needed to remedy the situation.

Signs and Symptoms of Tubular Breasts

The initial signs of tubular breasts will typically appear during puberty, with the symptoms becoming more noticeable as a girl reaches adulthood. The most common signs and symptoms of tubular breasts include:

  • Abnormally small breasts
  • Elongated/tube-like shape to the breasts
  • Sagging or drooping breasts
  • Wide space between the breasts
  • Puffy and enlarged areolas

The above symptoms can vary in severity depending on how pronounced a woman’s case of tubular breasts happens to be.

Causes of Tubular Breasts

Tubular breasts are a congenital condition, which means that they are the result of genetics. If tubular breasts run in your family, you are more likely to experience it as you grow up.

How Breast Augmentation Works

During breast augmentation, implants are placed to help increase the size and alter the shape of the breasts. This enlarges the size of the breasts and helps give them a rounder and more appealing appearance in the process.

Surgical Techniques for Treating Tubular Breasts

Saline or silicone implants can be used to increase breast size and enhance breast shape. Incisions can be made along the undersides of the breasts, around the areolas, in the armpit, or in the belly button. Through these incisions, the implants can be inserted and placed.

The ideal position of the implants relative to the pectoral muscle as well as the ideal size for the implants can be discussed during the consultation process. We will make sure all of your concerns are addressed during this time so you can make a confident decision about your surgical options.

The Results of Surgical Correction of Tubular Breasts

The results of breast augmentation for tubular breasts can be dramatic. The size and shape of the breasts are greatly improved. The breasts may not be significantly larger than they were before, but patients will experience a more natural and developed-looking contour that eliminates feelings of self-consciousness. This opens up new wardrobe possibilities as well as an enhanced sense of self.

The primary focus of the surgery is to achieve natural results. While some scarring is to be expected, the scars will fade with time, and all efforts will be made to limit the amount of visible scarring.

Contact Accent Plastic Surgery, P.A.

For more information about your options for correcting tubular breasts, make sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon today. We look forward to your visit and discussing all of your treatment options in much greater detail.

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