Breast Augmentation for Upper Pole Fullness

By Sheryl Pilcher on October 05, 2018

A photo of a woman wearing a black lace braBreast augmentation surgery is designed to enlarge and improve the shape of women’s breasts. Women undergoing a breast augmentation should figure out the size, contours and proportions they want to achieve prior to surgery.

Dr. Sheryl Pilcher can help patients determine their breast augmentation goals during a consultation. One consideration for discussion is how full you want the upper portion of the breast, or the upper pole, to appear.

Here, we have provided more information on breast augmentation for upper pole fullness. To learn more, contact our San Antonio, TX practice.

Do You Want Upper Pole Fullness?

You may have heard the term upper pole, which is the area of the breast from the nipple and up. A full upper pole look is characterized by a rounder upper chest, cleavage, and an implant that sits higher on breast mound. 

If upper pole fullness is one of your breast augmentation goals, be sure to mention this to your surgeon. Women who can identify what they want from surgery in advance and share these objectives with their surgeon report the highest levels of satisfaction with their breast augmentation results.

What Are the Factors that Affect Upper Pole Fullness?

Your anatomy is one of the biggest factors determining if you achieve upper pole fullness. While this is something that you cannot control, your surgeon can employ techniques to increase the likelihood of achieving upper pole fullness, such as:

  1. Pocket design considerations: The placement of the pocket, where the implant is placed in the chest, is of crucial consideration. A sub-muscular pocket is usually preferred for upper pole fullness. Additionally, the pocket should only be as large as the implant circumference so the implant cannot slip or move out of place.
  2. Breast implant material: Saline implants tend to have firmer contours and are often preferred over silicone implants to achieve upper pole fitness. That said, silicone implants have varying levels of gel matrix stability, allowing you to choose one that is more likely to keep its shape.
  3. Size of the implant: To achieve upper pole fullness, the implant should have a diameter that is at least as wide as your breast. The larger the implant size, the higher and wider the upper pole.
  4. Implant profile: An implant with a higher profile, or greater projection, will create more upper pole fullness than an implant with low or moderate profile.

Temporary Upper Pole Fullness after Surgery

After a breast augmentation procedure, most women will have apparent upper pole fullness. This is due to post-surgical swelling and the temporary position of the implant being higher up on the chest. The swelling will substantially subside in during the next few weeks and months.

As the swelling goes down and the tissues heal, your implant will settle into place a little further down your chest. About three months after surgery you should see the full results of your procedure.

Is Breast Augmentation for Upper Pole Fullness Right for You?

To achieve the breast augmentation results you want, choose a surgeon with decades of experience. Call Accent Plastic Surgery today at (210) 654-9900 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pilcher. You can also fill out our online form.

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